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Chiropractic Pinched Nerve Treatment Denver

Chiropractic By Thriveology, Denver Colorado


If you suffer from a pinched nerve, Chiropractic by Thriveology in Denver may be able to help you with the pain.


When you have a pinched nerve, the nerve is inflamed, irritated, or pinched. A pinched nerve causes muscle spasms; neck, head, shoulder, spinal and lower back pain; or numbness, tingling or burning sensation in the arms, legs, and sometimes toes.


If you have a pinched nerve, in addition to the pain, you might find you have limited range of motion, problems sitting for a long time, trouble standing after seated, and difficulty bending and sometimes sleeping in certain positions.


Pinched nerves can be caused by a misalignment of a spinal bone, disc degeneration disease, osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease), or disc protrusion or herniations.


A lot of the time nerves become irritated and inflamed when the bones, joints, or muscles of the spine are not in their proper position, or are not moving properly.


Sometimes pinched nerves from injury, spasm or inflammation of the surrounding muscles and connective tissue causes the nerve to become compressed and are called tunnel syndromes. Examples of these are carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and thoracic outlet syndrome.


If a muscle is injured or overworked it can result in trigger points which are very tight knots of muscle and creates a pinching or burning pain. This pain sometimes radiates to other parts of the body.