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Chiropractic Treatment Lower Back and Neck Pain Denver

Chiropractic By Thriveology, Denver Colorado


Most of us, at sometime, will have lower back and neck pain, but Chiropractic by Thriveology in Denver can help you so it will not stop you from living your life.


The lower back and the neck are very unstable parts of the spine which allows us mobility, but also increases the risk of injury. If the back has weakened muscles or is out of adjustment because the discs separating the vertebrae lose fluid and flexibility, simple motions can cause back injury.


It's very important that you know what is causing your pain first. Sometimes back and neck pain is caused by an imbalance of hips, adhesions in leg muscles, pinched nerves, arthritis, poor posture, obesity, kidney stones, blood clots, hernias and many others. But most back pain comes from your back being out of alignment.


In today's world, many everyday activities can cause neck pain, like watching TV, working at a computer, reading a book, driving, or falling asleep in a chair or car. But usually when you stop the activity, the pain stops.


If it doesn't stop, then something is wrong and you need to find the reason. The most common cause of neck pain is functional distortion in the spine often caused by reversed cervical curve, whiplash, or joint instability.